Thursday, February 07, 2008


Persib v Malaysian teams

Following on from Persib's 3-1 win over a visiting Kelantan team this little nugget comes from the Sepak Bola Indonesia web site.

This was Persib's 10th friendly against a Malaysian side since 1973 and it provided their 9th victory. All games played at Siliwangi Stadium unless otherwise stated.

1973 v Kelantan 3-0 Marah Halim Cup (Medan)
1978 v Selangor 3-1
1979 v Kelantan 4-1
1982 v Melaka 3-0
1985 v Royal Malaysia 0-0
1986 v Malaysia 1-0 Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Brunei)
1988 v KL 1-1
2006 v Selangor 3-1
2007 v KL 5-0 (Jalak Harapat Stadium, Soreang)
2008 v Kelantan 3-1

I wonder how the Bandung get on when they play up there?


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