Saturday, February 23, 2008


Final downunder

Tomorrow sees the Australian Grand Final take place at the Sydney Football Stadium which, umm, is in Sydney.

The Central Coast will empty for the day as Central Coast take on Newcastle.

The A League is currently made up of eight clubs, namely: Sydney FC, Central Coast Mariners, Newcastle Jets, Queensland Roar, Adelaide United, Perth Glory, Melbourne Victory and Wellington Phoenix.

Plans are afoot to expand the league by bringing in teams from Townsville and Gold Coast subject to criteria being met. Their stated aim is to bring the League strength up to 12 clubs.

My experiences of football dowunder are consigned to the good old, bad old days of the NSL when clubs from Sydney, Melbourne, Woollongong and Woollongong were based on ethnic groups and a game between Melbourne Croatia and Sydney Croatia was billed the Croatian derby.

Sitting now from afar I do feel that when the League is next expanded they look to add teams from Sydney and Melbourne to introduce some good old fashioned rivalry in those two big cities.

What do Australians think?

Anyway with Australian season over now, how about a coulple of the clubs heading to Indonesia to play high profile friendlies against local Liga teams? Persija v Sydney perhaps, or Arema v Perth Glory? Football leads, politics follows eh?

Fantastic blog. I work with a few friends on a site called and I am currently working on adding a map of Indonesian football for 2008. Your site has been an excellent resource. Any chance I might be able to pick your brain if I have any questions about football in Indonesia or the forthcoming season?
go ahead...
Hey thanks. I see that Indonesia has this year gone to a single-table, 18-team league. I noticed in one of your other posts that there are rumblings about one of the Jakarta clubs moving as a result. Anything further on that? Also, has there been a formal launch of the league with a new logo, etc., or will all that remain as it was last year?
six clubs are in danger of not being accepted in the league, see the recent post. everything should be finalised by april

i have no idea about whether there will be a formal launch or not. likewise with the logo. at the moment the fa are working on making sure clubs reach the required standards regarding stadiums, finances.

as and when i hear stuff i will post it here.
Thanks mate. I will keep an eye out.
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