Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Woe, woe, woe is me

I’m a bad loser at the best of times. Against that lot from up the Seven Sisters it hurts more. When you throw in such an inept performance as last night then I’m sorry, it just don’t get any worse. Until 3-0 I was still quietly confident. When the 4th went in it was good night Wembley and good night Jakarta. I reached for the remote and hit the sack.

I’m not going to talk about individual performances. Indeed I’d rather not talk about the showing full stop. Instead I will limit my comments to a couple of players, one who played and one who didn’t. Given that Kolo Toure was going to be absent for a fair while at the African Cup of Nations and given that we would be a bit thin on the ground in the middle of the defence why oh why did Arsene Wenger let Matthew Connolly leave? And what is it with playing players out of position? Abou Diaby wide left? Puh-leese.

Let the Cockrels crow, hurt though it does. It’s their first win over us this millennium.

Remember the last time they beat us in a semi final? In 1991 we went on to win the Championship! Remember the last time we lost in the League Cup 6-2? We went on to win the Championship!

I hope this acts as a kick up the arse for the team. We better get the Premier League at least now, the idea of them muppets having bragging rights for at least six months sickens me.

That’s the crux. All this fancy football is la di da but we need a trophy. Nay, we demand a trophy. We’ve had a couple of barren seasons of poor League campaigns and failure in various finals, this May we want a celebration. If there is nothing, all that intricate football counts for nothing. I don’t wanna be a neutrals friend, let them flock back to WHL…I want silverware.


hahahah! the best bit of watching that match was watching paul merson squirm afterwards :):)
oi, next time you can take a friggin angkot home !!!
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