Saturday, January 26, 2008


Sumatran giants through

Persiwa v Sriwijaya 0-0
PSMS v Arema 0-1 (Casmir 30')

If I get this right then Sriwijaya play Persija in the first semi final and PSMS play Persipura in the second with interesting outcomes. An all Sumatran final? Or could we have Persipura playing Persija in a repeat of 2005 when the Papuans were victorious?

Arema today played football. You can't help thinking that had they performed as a team against Sriwjaya the East Javanese side would be contemplating their own road to Senayen. But they're not. Instead it is the tiny band of PSMS fans who are celebrating on the terraces in Sidoarjo and hey, would you believe it but on 16 December 2006 who predicted Medan for the title in some convoluted thought process that now escapes me!

Semi finals are on 6th February so we get a two week break. Great! What do I do after work now? Watch American frigging Idle???

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