Thursday, January 17, 2008


Persija v Persik 2-2

14' Danilo (Persik)
27' Aliyudin (Persija)

62' Bambang (Persija)
81' Gonzalez (Persik)

A great game of football unfortunately the post match analysis will centre on controversy, not skill as Persija took umbrage at the way Persik equalised.

Abanda and Gonzalez battled for the ball inside the penalty box and Abanda slipped leaving the lethal Uruguayan to pick his spot and equalise. Then it began...

Persija coach Dubovrin went for the linesman, players surrounded the ref and mayhem reigned for 10 minutes as Persija pleaded, in vain, that Abanda had been impeded. Maybe he had but it looked slight in the replays and anyway much worse is seen during games and let go.

Dubovrin was incensed while his fellow Moldovan, Evgeney, in the Persija goal made a big show of not putting his gloves back on having chased the ref 50 yards to have his say.

Persija were further incensed when the ref played just 10 more minutes, no doubt figuring they were wasting their time and nobody elses and when he blew the final whistle, well wouldn't you know it, away we go again.

A punch was thrown at Gonzalez, more pushing and shoving, it took Bambang, Rueben Ceco and Uncle Tom Cobley n all to try and calm down the Moldovan coach who was livid. Hamkah Hamza got involved and it all got very ugly.

Yesterday the bad sports were on the terraces. Today they were on the pitch. Either way it was unseemly and undignified.

It' s a shame because as a football match this was full of entertainment and fair play. There was no rolling around, no theatrics. Just a good game of football. Until the 81st minute.

At least the fans seemed to behave themselves.

Hmm, wonder about that Bambang interview on Saturday?


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