Sunday, January 13, 2008


Persija v Pelita Jaya 2-1

Persija secured a consolation 3rd spot in Copa Indonesia 2007 thanks to an almighty defensive mix up that will have the normally placid Fandi Ahmad spitting bullets for a month.

Persija took the lead from a smartly worked free kick that released Bambang down tghe right. His side footed pass across the goal was turned in by Aliyudin and the rowdy Persija fans in an otherwise empty stadium celebrated.

Second half saw Alfonos equalise for the hard working Pelita Jaya who went close on a couple of other occasions before disaster struck.

A high cross into the box should have been meat and drink but promising keeper Agus Dian jumped and left it as did the Brazilian defender Wagner. Substitute Rueben Ceko, on for Bambang, had a free header and everyone looked at the ref.

It was hot in the beer garden before the game, it must have been sweltering out on the pitch for both sets of players and perhaps you could have forgiven Persija for resting a few players with the upcoming Play Offs.

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