Sunday, January 13, 2008


Increased security for Copa final

Nearly 2,500 security personnel will be on duty at today's Copa Final between Persipura and Sriwijaya at Bung Karno Stadium. It is feared by authorities trouble could break out between football fans and families visiting the nearby furniture exhibition, especially if some mindless fans attack a brand new two piece sofa.

OK, the last bit is a bit of an untruth.

Quite what the increased numbers of security will do is unclear. At Thursday's semi finals the odd tear up in the stadium was brought under control by supporter's club officials and indeed it was noticeable the Persija fans who 'indulged' were not part of the main body of support that filled the East Stand that had been block booked by the Jakmania. Rather it was the fringes, behind the goal and in a corner where minor incidents occured.

It was the security personnel who stood idly by as the main group of Persipura support flooded the pitch. Little, sorry nothing, was done to stop this and it was lucky there was no response from the Persija contingent.

Behind one goal some orange clad kids threw plastic water bottles on the pitch. This is a normal occurance at matches here, sometimes they get filled with piss, but there were three layers of 'security' to go through before entering the stadium and the bottles had to be emptied into plastic bags. Obviously not all were. Plenty of 'ammunition' was also on sale inside the stadium which rather defeated the whole idea.

Outside an official told me four cars were damaged but trouble was light while Danang from the Jakmania said the only things broken were the hearts of thousands of Persija fans.

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