Friday, January 18, 2008


Friday on my mind

After all the fun and games, and even football, of the last couple of days today really has been dullsville but I think it's just a calm before the storm.

Tomorrow I hit Solo for a whirlwind 24 hours where I will take in the Persija v Deltras game. There's a few other bits and pieces on my to do list including finding someplace to take in the Arsenal game as well as catching up with some of the Persija support who are kipping over in a royal palace.

I hope to catch a couple of people in the Persija camp as well; if they're in a good mood!

Back on Sunday when I hope to touch base with another chap caught up in the Kediri mayhem on Wednesday.

Only snippet of news I have today is Persija coach Sergei Dubrovin has been suspended for two years but will probably still be on the bench tomorrow!

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