Thursday, January 17, 2008


Exclusive interview with Arema fan

With Arema fans making the news for all the wrong reasons I decided to try and get their side of the story. ** was one of some 15,000 fans who made the journey to Kediri last night.

I asked him if he had been in a good position to see the first two goals the referee disallowed.

I hadn’t been in a good position to see any of the disallowed goals. there was no problem with the goals disallowed, rather when Persiwa scored their second which didn’t cross the line

When the linesman was knocked over in the first half what was the reaction of the fans near you and how did the police react?

Fans jumped onto the pitch and the police ran away.

How easy was it to get from the stands to the pitch?

It’s a small stadium and with only a small number of police what did you expect?

Did any Aremania stewards try and stop fans getting on the pitch?

There were no Aremania stewards. It’s in Kediri and we don’t have organization, they don’t have controlling system. It’s like in Britain 15/20 years ago

How many fans invaded the pitch and who cleared the pitch?

The police finally cleared the pitch

How much damage was done in the town and how did you get home?

Kediri was dead last night, no electricity. We walked to Blitar and got back to Malang at 4 am.

How do fans feel about being banned from games for 3 years?

We feel very strongly we are being set up. We believe there is a conspiracy against us and that people don't want us to win the Liga

Will Arema fans still go to the remaining play off games?

Don’t know yet

Have the fans heard anything from the club or the players?

Not yet.

Can they appeal the ban?

We hope so. We want to arrange a meeting with BLI/FA

What did they hope to achieve by rioting and trashing the stadium?

It was impulsive. Come on, we were angry, who’d think of an impact

In closing they apologized to the people of Kediri and said less nice things about the Indonesian FA who they believe have an agenda against them.

This interview was carried out by text message with an Arema Malang fan who was at the game and got caught up in some of the incidents. The responses are his as translated by movie maker Andibachtiar Yusuf. The only censorship I have done is regarding his remarks about the FA but I’m sure you can guess.

This interview is not designed to take sides. Rather it is to give a voice to someone who may not normally get the opportunity. Rather like Fox News, you decide!


Way better than Fox News!

I like this fan insider part, but wonder, are you just making it all up!!

Keep up the good blog, gives me a good laugh and insight to the crazy world of Indonesian Football
truth is stranger than fiction druryfire!

i'm not making it up...
I know it's not made up, but boy, all this Indonesian football is like a soap opera, and a good one at that!

I'd love to see Indonesia get to a World Cup and see the dedication of the fans going bonkers in the crowd with a bit of fisticuffs after with the Germans
you couldn t make it up is a woeking title for the book

i m off to solo tomorrow to meet football fans staying in a royal palace and a hooligan turned club official...
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