Thursday, January 17, 2008


Aremania banned for 3 years

The Indonesian FA have acted quickly in the wake of the shameful scenes last night at Brawijaya Stadium, Kediri, where Arema fans rampaged.

The Arema supporters club, Aremania, have been banned for three years from attending games in Indonesia. Not sure what that entails. If they form a new club can they go?

The remaining fixtures from the group based in Kediri have been rescheduled as follows (Venue in brackets):

21 Jan Persiwa vs Arema Malang (Sidoarjo)
23 Jan Persiwa vs PSMS, Arema vs Sriwijaya FC (Sidoarjo)
26 Jan Sriwijaya FC vs Persiwa (Sidoarjo)
26 Jan Arema vs PSMS (Surabaya, Gresik or Solo)

The semi finals will now be played at Bung Karno in Jakarta on 30 January with the Final on 3 February at the same venue.

On a final note perhaps it would be nice if the idiots who were responsible for last night's carnage could be sent back to Kediri, explain their actions to the locals and tidy up their bloody mess!

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