Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Arema Malang v Persiwa

The ugly side of Indonesian football reared its head during the Arema v Persiwa Play Off at Kediri. Patricio Morales had already seen one goal disallowed for handball after 10 minutes and Arema, roared on by some 15,000 travelling fans had fallen behind when a defensive mix up had allowed Oscar Mariano a free header.

A second Arema goal was disallowed, this time for offside but while the replays showed the officials had made the correct call some Arema fans didn’t see it that way. Objects were thrown on the pitch and one oaf attacked a linesman, decking him before getting caught. Play was held up for 15 minutes while the official received treatment and order was restored on the terraces.

Persiwa, from the Papuan Highlands had started aggressively, attempting to intimidate both their opponents and the fans but Arema soon got in their stride. Emile Mbanda was soon wound up and was haraunging the ref at every opportunity but some football was being played, notably by Elie Aiboy for the Malang side and Foday for Persiwa who looked somewhat incongruous for a team bidding for their first championship. What’s the matter lads, couldn’t find a shop with a complete set of socks?

Second half was more of the same. And worse.

On 52 minutes Mbamba had a goal disallowed, Arema’s 3rd of the night. It takes very brave officials indeed to do that in this country. Moments later Jaenal hit the post with his first touch after coming on as substitute.

Just on the hour Persiwa were two up. Arema were commited up front and the Papuans broke at pace. Foday crossed and Pieter had a free header. Straight down the other end and Mbamba this time had a goal allowed but tensions were brewing off the pitch. The Kediri stadium has fences round the running track and there was a lot of movement as fans prepared to make their own move, incensed at the refeering that had cost them three goals.

On 70 minutes a linesman was felled for the second time in the match and it all went off. Some moron carrying a fluffy lion charged the pitch and slapped one of the officials and he was followed by others. The ref and his linesmen were led off the pitch surrounded by security officials as fans vented their fury.

The TV cameras returned to the studio for about 15 minutes. When they returned to the stadium the terraces were empty. One goal was ablaze, another fire was raging on the far touch line. The other goal had been trashed. Litter was scattered all over the pitch while security personnel scratched their gonads and wondered what to do.

The game was over. The officials were evacuated from the stadium somehow while Arema fans ran riot outside. The morons had won.


Thanks for the match report!

Football in Indonesia really caught my attention..... but unfortunately not in the way I like. :(

I honestly feel that with the population base, commercial sponsorships (albeit mostly tobacco companies) and fanaticism, Indonesian football has a lot of potential.

Hopefully the fans themselves will realise that they are not doing their clubs not the league as a whole any favors with such antics.
you re right there is great potential. with apathy all round it s down to the fans to set the example and show the country they are not all just up for a row...that is the perception among many here...
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