Friday, December 14, 2007


Remaining Fixtures in Western Division

We're at the business end of the season, finally, and in the Western Division nothing beyond Sriwijaya in the Big 8 Play Offs. Time to look at who plays who in the run in.

v Persija (A)
v Persik (H)
v Persema (H)

v Sriwijaya (H)
v Persikota (H)
v Semen Padang (H)

v Persikota (H)
v Persokabo (H)
v PSIS (A)
v Persela (A)

v Persela (H)
v Sriwijaya (A)
v Persitara (A)

v Persik (A)
v PSSB (H)
v PSMS (H)

v Persita (A)
v Pelita Jaya (A)
v Persiraja (H)
v PSDS (H)

v Semen Padang (A)
v Persema (H)
v Persik (H)

Persija must be confident of reaching the Play Offs with their final three games at Lebuk Bulus where they remain unbeaten all season. Who will join them? PSMS have the best defence in the league but they have a reputation for struggling on the road. They won't fancy trips to PSIS and Persela.

Persik have the toughest run in with their final two games away at Sriwijaya and Persitara. Will the goals of Christian Gonzalez be enough to counter a weak defence in those crucial games? Persitara have looked good recently and are a tough cookie to crunch at home.

Persela are a surprise package and they will look fondly at their final two home games against Sumatran teams that struggle on the road. They won't however look forward to the trip to Kediri. They may just have run out of games but it has been a tremendous effort from the East Javan team.

Persib won't enjoy the next two away games. First up at Persita tomorrow then neighbours Pelita Jaya away. Two final games at home against Sumatran opposition offer them a chance of redeeming the last few weeks where poor form has seen them slip alarmingly down the table but it could be all over by then.

Persitara fancy their chances against anyone at homne these days and the goals from Bationo have inspired them onwards and upwards. Oddly the game against Semen Padang could be their undoing. Odd because Padang are crap.

My prediction? Persija have an easy enough run in to join Sriwijaya in the Big 8. Who will join them is a harder ask. I hope Persik 'cos watching them play is a lot of fun. With six points from their next two home games and psiibly a point or two on the road PSMS will probably squeeze through. Safe I knwo, the current top 4, and I would love to see Persib make it but they will need to turn it round starting Saturday. Victory at Tangerang could see them back in the mix.

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