Friday, December 14, 2007


Provisional Liag Indonesia dates

Things can and do change in this place but these are the dates being pencilled in for the Liga Plays Offs and Finals

Two cities are being looked at to host the Play Offs, unsurprisingly Solo and surprisingly Kediri. I would have thought Gresik might have made a good neutral venue but perhaps it's a bit too close to Surabaya! Jaluk Harapat near Bandung?

Kediri will host games 16-20 January, Solo 17-21 January. The draw will, possibly, look something like this.


WD 1 v ED 2
WD 3 v ED 4


ED 1 v WD 2
ED 3 v WD 4

*ED and WD of course refer to Eastern and Western Division.

The Semi Finals would then be played on 24th January, a Thursday with the Final on the 27th at Gung Karno in Jakarta.

Just don't go booking your tickets yet!


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