Friday, December 28, 2007


Persiwa Wamena

Persiwa go into their final fixture on Sunday at home to Persibom confident they will secure the three points necessary to secure them Play Off football next month. With their home record they can't be anything but confident and with Persibom getting just six away points all season everything points to a home win.

Persiwa have till now played 16 home games which has brought them 15 wins and a single draw. In those games they have scored 43 goals, the highest throughout the Liga, and conceded just seven, the second lowest behind neighbours Persipura and PSMS.

Their leading goalscorer is Sunday Seah who has netted 14. Next up is Pieter Rumaropen with 12 and Boaki Edi Foday with 11.

But while the team from the Baliem Valley are impenetrable at home they are less so when they travel. Their 10 points on the road is by far the lowest of any of the Play Off challengers and indeed is exceeded by lowly Persikabo in the Western Division who are currently 11th.

Defeat on Sunday seems higly unlikely but you can never rule anything out in football Greavsie. But given their travel sickness how well would they do in the Play Offs anyway?


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