Sunday, December 16, 2007


Kolev's future undecided

In the wake of Indonesia's poor SEA Games and World Cup collapse FA are pondering the future of Bulgarian coach Ivan Kolev. Persita coach Benny Dollo is taking charge of the Liga Select for Wednesday's 'prestige' friendly with Borussia Dortmund but beyond that nothing is claer. Nothing except the Indonesia national team have nothing arranged.

There are calls for an Indonesian coach to be given charge next and Benny Dollo is an obvious contender as is Rahmad Dharmawan, now with Sriwijaya. Dharmawan led Perspira to the Liga Indonesia in 2005, Persija to the Play Offs in 2006 and this year his Sriwijaya have been the dominant force in the local scene as they are guaranteed a Play Off place and are also in the Copa Semi Finals

Previous Coaches

Romano Matte (Italy) 1993-1995
Danurwindo (Indonesian) 1995-1996
Henk Wullems (Netherlands) 1996-1997
Rusdy Bahalwan (Indonesia) 1998
Bernard Schumm (Germany) 1999
Nandar Iskandar (Indonesia) 1999-2000
Benny Dollo (Indonesia) 2000-2001
Ivan Kolez (Bulgaria) 2002-2004
Peter Withe (England) 2004-2007
Ivan Kolev (Bulgaria) 2007-

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