Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Indonesian clubs excluded from Asian Champions League

Next Monday sees the draw for the Asian Champions League 2008 featuring 28 of Asia's best club sides. Missing from that draw will be any team from Indonesia.

Thanks to an ever extended Liga that began, late, back in February that is still a month away from being finished the AFC have decided not to enter any local teams. For those who keep an eye on this sort of stuff it is the second time in three years Indonesia players have been deprived of playing at the highest level. Back in 2006 the registrations were sent in late.

With a three month delay for the Asian Cup followed by a one month delay for the fasting month this season is dragging on longer than a local soap opera.

Local FA officials are at pains to point out this is not a suspension and they're right it's not. It's just an enormous balls up. Further sanctions could come if the case of the FA head, doing jail at the moment, isn't sorted in line with FIFA statutes soon.

The two Indonesian slots have been handed to Thai Premier League runners-up Krung Thai Bank and Vietnam National Cup holders Nam Dinh.


That sucks. Though I understand with the A League finishing in Feb, Melbourne (who won last year) going into next years tournament...

They mentioned they were going to do something about it...hope it helps Indonesia aswell..
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