Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Three Thais head west

Manchester City, bankrolled by former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra, have signed three young Thais in an effort to boost shirt sales in Bangkok. Sorry, that's not fair. Thaksin has signed three countrymen to curry favour back home in the run in to the upcoming election. No no, apologies. Sven signed them because he sees a great future for these guys ability and...sorry. Thaksin, it's his money after all, has told Sven who to sign and in the near future he will take a hands on role in team selection when the Swede has a runny nose.

Rumours that City will soon by sponsored by Thaksin's former politcal party, Thai Rak Thai, have been rubbished by the club. Nonsense they said, politics and sport don't mix. Instead Thai Rath, a leading player in the media field, are looking at expanding into the British market.

City fans will soon be learning new songs though as Thaksin has apporoached Thai star Tata Young to write some more culturally sensitive stuff.

Jai yen yen, jai yen yen
Rao pen khon City
Jai yen yen

The snack bars round the City of Manchester stadium will be overhauled and out go the pies and mushy peas. Instead fans can enjoy pad thai and som tam while drinking coke through a straw out of a plastic bag.

Players won't be unaffected either. Anyone receiving a straight red card will have to have his head shaved and enter the monkhood till the next rainy season, which in Manchester is usually only a couple of hours away.

Next June, depending on the election results in December, City will head East and play friendlies against Provincial Electricity Authority, Nakorn Nowhere FC and Krung Thai Bank.

Thaksin is also looking at having Oasis tour Thailand supporting Thai folk legends Carabao. The tour, provisionaly titled "Issan Rak Citeh" (Issan loves City), and all dates will be shown live on ITV, the TV channel owned by the Shinawatras.

Or it could all be bollox!

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