Monday, November 19, 2007


Syria v Indonesia 7-0

Indonesia's place on the world stage reached an all time low as coach Ivan Kolev's gamble of going with youth backfired big time in Damascus last night.

Before this second leg WCQ Kolev had ditched the first team and drafted in the Under 23's reasoning they were better prepared after their month in Argentina but now questions will be asked about the Bulgarian's future.

Confidence will have taken a battering last night; how will that effect preparations for next months SEA Games in Thailand which seems to have been the main priority of the FA all along?

But for the Indonesian public, after the false dawn of the Asian Cup, football here is back to same old, same old. The optimism has been swept away by first the Nurdin Halid case and now an embarrassing display in football's showcase event.

An 11-1 aggregate defeat is a stark enough message in any language. I hope it gets through to the bigwigs.

Somehow I doubt it. Instead what we'll see is lots of finger pointing, shuffling of feet and covering of arses but nothing will substantially change.

Now who's to blame? Kolev blames the league quality and pitch condition, supporters blame FA. 7 -0 is embarrassing, I doubt even Cambodia and Laos will lose 11 - 1 to Syria.
managers always blame something but it has been obvious to everyone that stamina levels aren t good enough. he hasn t addressed that. there isn t enough strength in the team. he hasn t addressed that. he shares some at least of the blame

of course, like england, many of the players maybe just ain t good enough!
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