Sunday, November 25, 2007


PSS v Persitara 3-3

I had to leave this game just after PSS had scored their first goal. It left them 3-1 down and facing an unlikely defeat to Jakarta's 'other' team. Unlikely because away wins are a rare feature of life in the Liga Indonesia but with 28 minutes left and Persitara 3-0 up that was the likely outcome.

It wasn't to be of course. Niane scored on 84 minutes and in the 6th minute of injury time (!) a penalty made it 3-3. Of course far be it for me to suggest anything untoward. I mean the recent PSIM clash with Persiter played on until the hosts got an equaliser. But they're conincidences right?

Needless to say the Persitara players and officials weren't happy bunnies while the PSS fans, faced with a shock home defeat, threw plastic water bottles on the pitch in time honoured tradition.

As things stand neither club is on course for a spot in next years' Liga Super. Shame because PSS have one of the better stadiums in the country.

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