Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The English Prostitute League

Michel Platini, the guy in charge of UEFA has been in the news a lot recently. When he’s not trying to introduce quotas on foreign players he’s bemoaning the tie up between big money and the game. EPL? Les English Prostitute League n’est ce pas? The English, prickly to perceived insults from mere foreigners, have gotten the hump and some suit called Scudamore turned round and said : "They don't rise much above the view of people in the corner of the pub,"

I feel nauseous whenever I see or hear the people who are charged with running our game. For Scudamore, sorry, I can’t be arsed to find out his background, to be so condescending about a guy who was one of the best players of his generation just shows the moronic state of mind of the football establishment on our shores. Whenever they come under attack these puerile people retreat into their little Englander shells and face down all comers rather like Private Fraser and the like in Dad’s Army. Who do you think you’re kidding Mr Platini?

Barwick, some TV type who gave us Stevie Mac as the last England manager is also the man to find his replacement which is a hoot. On TV last week, lined up with the other Jurassic types, Barwick and Thommo told cameras, straight faced, they felt the pain of England fans up and down the country. A pain they no doubt assuaged with a few days abroad taking in the 2010 World Cup Qualifying draw with all expenses picked up by the poor saps who fill Wembley. Not my pain fella. I dropped you lot years back and you won’t get another baht out of me. Who takes responsibility up there in cloud cuckoo land where they still think the trains run on time and getting to games is a doddle midweek. When you answer to a bunch of coffin dodgers interested in protecting their own FA Cup Final tickets just who is there who will say: Um, sorry, it was my fault actually. I take full responsibility. Didn’t mean to but hey, I went to the right school and we all play golf together so…

Did you see the fixtures played last night in England? Burnley traveled to Watford. Hartlepool headed down the A1, M82, M6, M5 and M4 to Swansea. Sounds easy like that doesn’t it? Mid winter, mid week just what the hell are these people playing at scheduling games like this? But they don’t go to the games; they don’t talk to the fans in the corner of the pub do they?

Back to Skidamore’s comments. It just shows the contempt he and his coterie of creeps have for the average fan in the street, or the bar. They feel immune from the brickbats and arrows that maybe launched their way because they hide behind the numbers and the numbers tell them attendances are healthy, sponsors are queuing up and all is ship shape spic and span on the good ship Premier League.

I would suggest to Scudamore, Barwick and the rest of the suits that they come down from their rocking horse and spend some time in the pubs on match day. They needn’t worry; they’re so anonymous no one will recognize them. Spend some time listening to what fans say about the state of the game. Don’t ponce about like prima donnas in the sponsors lounge or with the executive box holders but get out on the streets and find out what people there think. On match day in and around the stadiums. Venues like Spotland, Victoria Ground, Layer Road, hear the pre match gossip about you. And about their game you are taking away from them and selling to the highest bidder.

Then go back to Economics 101 and remember what follows a boom.


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