Monday, October 15, 2007


Singapore Cup Semi Finals

This week the SLeague takes the back seat while 4 clubs battle it out to appear in the Singapore Cup which is sponsored by a bank but as they pay me nothing they don't get a plug!

Tonight sees Tampines Rovers take on Bangkok University while tomorrow has misery guts Woodlands Wellington, who won the League Cup earlier in the season, play Singapore Armed Forces. The games are played over 2 legs.

I guess the favourites are Tampines and SAF while many fans will hope Woodlands win absolutely nothing given their tendancy to walk off when things don't their way. Aah diddums...Duric to score 12 goals in the first half then be sent off for calling the Woodlands coach a wubbly dubbly sulky sulky in the 4 official languages of Singapore.

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