Monday, October 22, 2007


Persis Solo v Arema Malang

All the ingredients were in place for a match showcasing the best of Indonesian football. Arema, inspired by new signing Emile Mbamba have been on fire recently, pushing for a top 4 spot while Persis, with their own star Greg Nwoloko, have looked good at home. A large crowd with 5,000 Arema fans filling one end, this was set up to be a cracker.

But no one told the rain to stay away. The game started in drizzle and by half time a torrential downpour had turned the pitch into a swamp. Arema were 1-0 up, Morales netting after the Solo keeper had blocked a free kick and the rebound but it was irrelevant. Frank Seator missed an open goal, heading down and wide on the half hour but visibility was worsening and the fans on the open terraces as drenched as the players.

Today schools and offices open again after the Leberan so it's fair to say a smaller crowd will watch the match when it is rescheduled.

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