Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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Check out my latest offering over at where I spit the dummy at Sepp Blatter and his ideas.

His latest is to limit the number of foreign players ata club to 5 and it sucks. Oddly enough the limit allowed in Indonesia is also 5 and the clubs follow the regulation like it is set in stone. An interesting conumdrum. Should the Premier League and the Liga Indonesia both be limited by statute to who they can play and who they can't or should they be allowed to feel their own way.

Clubs in England and throughout Europe have youth set ups and academys of varying success. That happens less so here where the chance for talented young players to be picked up by the big clubs is smaller. With the new Liga Super comes a requirement clubs start to develop young players and that surely is the way to go rather than some gnome in Switzerland ruling by dictat.

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