Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Liga Indonesia is back

Yet again. After yet another break.

Much of the talk during the break for the fasting season has been about the disgraced FA head now doing bird, and about why the national team have no training camp and whether any club will have any money for next season. A veritable soap opera!

The start of this season was delayed because the government withdrew local govenment funding, in the form of grants, for clubs. Many clubs got round this pesky loophole by 'borrowing' from the same people. Now however people are being seen to get serious. Some clubs have been talking about putting themselves up for sale, for example Persib Bandung.

Persik Kediri, the most successful club of recent years but a provincial town far from anywhere, have talked about reducing costs by doing away with foreign players.

One option in Malang where there are two clubs, the privately run Arema as well as Persema, is merging.

Clubs seem reluctant to get serious at the gate. The Chairman of Persikota Tangerang ruled out passing costs on to the fans saying fans here didn't want to pay to watch football. That is crap of course, much like his team has been this season. I wouldn't pay to watch his shower either.

PSMS and Persigi Bali are two other clubs who face serious funding difficulties. Indeed, pity poor Medan if they do make it to the Liga Super next season and face expensive and exhausting trips to Jayapura and Ternate. Good for the airmiles but not a lot of fun when you're skint.

any fresh result?
Persita Tangerang - Persik Kediri?
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