Sunday, October 07, 2007


Greg Nwokolo (Persis Solo)

For someone only 21 Nwokolo has been round the block in football terms. He started his career in Singapore with Tampines but after a year there he moved to Young Lions. He couldn't settle there either and in the same year, 2004, he had his first spell in Indonesia with Persijatim Solo. Ironic really, a nomadic player teaming up with a nomadic club. Persijatim started life as East Jakarta, moved to Solo, in which carnation Nwokolo spent time and now they are based in Palembang and are known as Sriwijaya FC.

In 2005 he was back in Singapore with SAF but as ever his stay with the Warriors was short and lo and bloody behold in 2006 he was back here with PSIS. But guess what? Yeap, he only stayed there a while before spending the second half of the season with PSMS.

At the start of this season he moved back to Solo and till now has scored an impressive 13 goals in 23 games as Solo, backed by impressive support, look to make it into the Liga Super next season. Of course judging by his track record there's no guarantee he will be there!

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