Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Elano and Sky Blue Heaven

They haven't had too many heroes in the Sky Blue half of Manchester. Not since the days of Bell, Marsh and Summerbee so you can give City's impossibily faithful fans for clinging on tight to those that do pass their way. Kinkladze of course, Uwe Rosler are a couple. Now we struggle. Oasis and inflatable bananas perhaps. But now they have their very own gilt edged Brazilian hero who has been instrumental in City's impressive start to the season.

He conducts their best moves from midfield while the audience in the stands bow in return. Elano, a new legend.

Once Sven Goran Eriksson was installed as Manchester City's new manager, new chairman Thaksin Shinawatra rang him up and said, no doubt in Thai, oi Sven, spend some money khrap. Wow, this guy talks my language thinks Sven as he settles down in front of You Tube.

Days later and Thaksin is pooer buy several million, something he has grown used to the authorities in his own country freezing his assets there, while City fans scratch their heads. Who, who and who?

A few weeks into the season and with Elano we're thinking why? The skill and vision possessed by the midfielder have delighted all who have seen him but why, if he is so damned good, was he playing in Ukraine for their second biggest team Shaktar? Why is he going round the houses of European football and not straight into one of the 'big' teams?

He's hardly an unknown commodity, that Copa America is pretty important and he is also a Brazilian international...he couldn't be that bad. So how come everyone passed on him? Do they know something even Sven doesn't?

I hope not. I hope it's just a case that he slipped the net and only the really astute knew of his whereabouts. Probably Arsene Wenger did but then he knows, he just knows.

It doesn't matter. English football is all the richer for his presence, and at City to boot. His performances, and goals, have stirred neutrals and had people looking at City almost in awe and no longer in jest. With prococious young talent round him like Richards, Ireland and Johnson Elano brings experience and knowledge to Sven's fledging revolution and also, just as good, shifts attention from the Big 3 + 1.

Ironically this weekend Manchester City visit the + 1 at Stamford Bridge and for the first time in a generation the Blues aren't looking at a banker home win. City may lack strength in depth, a potent forward and a killer touch but with Elano's prompting this team have the ability to cause a shock or two at the Bridge.


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