Friday, October 19, 2007


Copa Indonesia

After I painstakingly copied out all the fixtures a while back they have only gone and changed them all again! Sod 'em, I'm not doing it again...

The main change was Persija will now be playing PSM on the Sunday which ordinarily be good news for me but in my never ending quest for brownie points from the Ibu I agreed we would go to a wedding that day in deepest Central Java.

Perseman from Papua have been drawn against Sriwijaya in Sumatra, a long old trek for sure. And expensive. With a travelling party of 20 players and officials, flight tickets 500 USD a pop plus hotel and transport expenses of some 3,000 USD you can excuse them for not getting giddy with excitement. Maybe they won't bother, save themselves a heap of money and get punished by the FA.

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