Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Asian World Cup Qualifying

Selected results:

Palestine v Singapore 0-4 (Singapore 4-0 on aggregate after Palestine failed to arrive for the second leg. Politicans are just so mature, I just love them to bits.)
Nepal v Oman 0-2 (Oman 4-0 on aggregate and will now play Indonesia)
Macau v Thailand 1-7 (Thailand won 13-2 on aggregate and the coach has sacked the goalkeeper(!))
UAE v Vietnam 1-0 UAE win 6-0 on aggregate)
Turkmenistan v Cambodia 4-1 (Turkmenistan win 5-1 on aggregate)
Malaysia v Bahrain 0-0 (Bahrain win 4-1 on aggregate)
Hong Kong v Timor Leste 8-1 (HK win 11-3 on aggregate)

Indonesia. Singapore and Thailand are the only South East Asian nations to go through to the next round but don't get too excited. Indonesia haven't played yet, Singapore played once and Thailand played a bunch of people who work in the casinos of Las Macau. With Vietnam, the best performers in the recent Asian Cup, getting trounced by UAE and Indonesia without a game since July nothing much has changed.

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