Thursday, September 06, 2007


Super Liga 2008

We haven't finished this season yet but already those forward thinking chaps at the FA are turning their attention to next season when the league sees another revamp.

In comes an 18 team Liga Super which will be made up of the teams that finish in the top 9 in both Group 1 and 2. Based on todays standings that would mean the following teams next season in the new league:

Persib, PSMS, Sriwijaya, Persija, Persik, Persita, PJ Purwakarta, PSDS, PSS, Persipura, Persiwa, Persijap, PSM, Sidoarjo, Persiter, Persmin, Persiba Balikpapan, Persibom.

Arema, PSIS, Persebaya and Persis Solo are among those clubs who will be anxious to climb the table in the second of the season.

Beneath the Liga Super comes and 18 team Premier Division comprising the 18 clubs who don't make the cut. The bottom 4 in each Group this season are slated to be relegated to Division One which next season will have 40 clubs. And it could be these guys:

Persikota Tangerang City, S Padang, PSSB Bireuen, Persiraja Banda Aceh, Perseman Manokwari, PSIM Yogyakarta, Bali and Persekabpas.

Although its good to look to the future, maybe the FA should concentrate on looking at 'issues' now, which they seem to turn a blind eye to.

As a follower of Asian Football, the Indonesian league is surely going in the right direction to make me avoid the Indonesia Domestic game.

Maybe the AFC should intervene, and that will wake up the fat people (i'm assuming the FA are fat little people!!)
to be honest i don t like to go on too much about what people SHOULD do. problems of ill disciplined mobs and lack of respect for authority aren't footballs propblems, they re ailments in society

there are good people involved in football here, they re also politicians. lethargy is a way of life here and i think it was orwell who said the east will never be hurried. it takes time for anything to happen, 36 years for a mass transit system in bkk for example, even when everyone knows it s for the good of society

yesterday's game between persija and psis was played in the right spirit. many games are. they just don't make the headlines. hearing indonesia raya at the asian cup or seeing the jakmania or aremania put on a show are sights that make indonesian football so vibrant

the fact that so much that is good about the game happens here despite the poor facilities, poor officals, poor pr shows the potential of the game.

the afc can t intervene, the fa have done nothing wrong. they follow statutes, they punish, they penalise. maybe they could anticipate more?

this weekend i m off to a schools football cup. hopefully that will be all good news!!!
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