Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mourinho leaves Chelsea!

Jose has left Chelsea after 3 games without a win! Maybe Martin Jol is being lined up as a replacement!!!

Rumours he left after finding out Chelsea are not a big club have yet to be conformed...

If this is Russion style management then sorry but I don't want that Russkie taking over my club. I didn't anyway but you know what I mean.

Jose to Tottenham? You'd think not; you'd think Jose would have had enough of outside interference and Directors or Football telling him who to play and buying players for him but managers are wierd. There's always someone who wants to buy Titus Bramble or El Haj-Diouf.

In the fog of egos that cloud and influence the decision making in the Bridge boardroom you wonder whether such a high profile club can allow their manager to leave and have no one lined up. But Chelsea don’t do forward planning. They dig deep into Abramovich’s wallet and throw money at the problem. Money will make it go away temporarily at least. Money suspends all reason and rational thought. Money will smooth the way for Mourinho’s successor and wipe away potentially awkward questions an applicant may have. Like will I be allowed to run this club my way? And will the likes of Drogba and Terry stick around in the post JM era?

Meanwhile Arsenal and Manchester United with a settled management in place allow their managers the luxury of managing and pick up wins with almost contempt.

It's a good time for the likes of Terry, Lampard, Droga, etc to think about their futures.

With Mourhino there, they were as good as Chelsea boys forever, but now hes gone, maybe just think about playing abroad.

Fat Frank to sit on the bench at Barca before going back to West Ham and Terry to be the rock at Real Madrid or AC Milan for years to come.
dunno why people keep linking lardarse with barca. during the close season i read a quote from a barca official who said they weren t interested in him
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