Thursday, September 13, 2007


Midweek Liga Indonesia

Srwijaya v PJ Purwakarta 1-0 10,000
Persitara v Persita 2-2 5,000
PSIS Semarang v PSDS 1-0 17,000
Persela v Persiraja 3-0
Persik v Persija 1-1 15,000
Persema v S Padang 1-0 5,000

Aliyudin equalised for Persija 5 minutes from the end of their game at Persik Kediri to leave them second in Group A as the season breaks for Ramadhan.

Persigi Bali v Persis Solo 1-4 4,000
Persebaya v Persijap 3-1 5,000
Arema v PSIM Yogya 3-2 20,000
PKT Bontang v Persma 1-0 5,000
Persiba v Persibom 1-0 9,000
Persekabpas v Delras 0-0 5,000

Goals galore in Group 2. Mbamba led the way with a second consecutive brace for Arema as they sneaked past PSIM and climbed upto 6th spot with games in hand on the top 4. But impressive as they are at home they must start winning on the road. Both Deltras and Persijap decided again they didn't want to be top of the table and dropped valuable points. Solo's first win of the season and not bad was it? Seator and Nwokolo among the goals again.

Full tables can, usually, be found here...

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