Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I Will Survive - Martin Jol

First I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never turn Spurs into a top 4 side
But I spent oh so many nights thinking how Staltari did me wrong
Am I a mong??,
but I'll just have to carry on
and we'll be back, into 5th place
I'll just wait till the transfer window to sign another waste of space
I should have sold Paul Robinson,
I should have dropped him from the team
If I had known for just one second he'd concede more goals than Derby Coun-ty

Go on now go, Bent there's the door
just turn around now, 'cause you don't score goals anymore
weren't you the one we paid so much for,
you were dearer than Hen-ry
I knew you'd crumble,
I'd rather have Emile Hes-key,,,,

Oh no cause I, I will survive
As long as I win the next 6 games
I know I will stay alive,
I've got Tainio who is crap, & Huddlestone who's just fat,
but I'll survive
I will survive..

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend Defoe's relationship with his little tart
and I spent oh so many nights trying on John Barnes's tights
And oh I've cried, I want the Spurs job till I die! A
nd you see Keane, he hates me too
I subbed him off when we were winning,
then we went and ****ing drew!
And now im scratching my big chin,
why can't I just sell Ledley King?
If I'm gonna save my skin, I'll need some politics style Spin!!

wish this was mine but it isn t, it s been doing the rounds on a couple of arsenal forums. i d love to see it on you tube!!
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