Sunday, September 30, 2007


Happy Manchester City fans shock horor!!!

Supporting a football team was never meant to be an enjoyable experience. A 'true' supporter is one who has endured untold pain and agony over untold years and never once contemplated another hobby. Like trainspotting. It doesn't work that way. A football club is for life. Sometimes Manchester City fans wonder who they had upset in earlier reincarnations. Most clubs have their ups and downs, for City the downs seem interminable. The odd ray of light has surfaced. Watching the silky skills of Kinkladze. Signing Uwe Rosler just so the fans could wear t shirts saying Uwe's Grandad Bombed Old Trafford. City fans needed a sense of humour, especially when United started winning everything within sight with a regularity that bordered on monotony.

I's ok said the fans from the Blue half. We beat Huddersfield 10-1. We beat United 5-1. Those odd triumphs shone all the more for their rarity. Rubber inflatables started at the old Maine Road. Oasis were City fans, they had the best chunes. Straws were clutched at and retained long in the memory, god knows when the nest one would surface.

Then came Thaksin and his millions along with failed England manager but oh so successful club manager Sven. He spent Thaksin's moolah after surfing You Tube and now City look different. They look like a football club. Thier support are salivating over performances from talented players like Richards, Johnson and Ireland. And yesterday Newcastle United came to town. Or Toon. With ambitions of their own, instead of the cosmopolitan Sven they looked to earthy Big Sam, the gum chewing, walrus faced chap whose Bolton had elbowed and niggled their way into Europe.

City won. And how. Oberfami Martins scored a lovely goal to give the Barcodes the lead but twas fleeting. Elano! Who would not want him on their team sheet? So why did nobody else go after him? He is the puppet master of this team his class and vision was once such a fixture of City teams with the likes of Bell and Marsh but has been sadly missing for generations. His first goal for the club, a piledriver of a free kick had him bowing before his audience. The ovation given by them when he was taken off moments later was deserved. No player is bigger than the team but once in a while a performance derserves individual recognition and Elano's did yesterday.

This City team is still a work in progress. They need a keeper and a striker. Ironically Newcastle had both. Shay Given had another strong game, his first half save denied Elano a sweet earlier while Martins has trickery and guile and a penchant for the spectacular. The Nigerian needs to work on the more bread and butter stuff like tap ins but you feel even now he would be a better option for them than Mpenza.

But while City fans sing Blue Moon all night Chelsea's continue to inundate phone in shows complaining about the recent goings on at their club and moaning how everyone hates you. People hate you, Simon from Bracknell, 'cos you're nothing but a billionaire's plaything and once he tires of his toy you'll be as anonymous as you have been for most of your dull history and we told you so. Enjoy your 15 minutes, the seconds are ticking away. Fulham at home and a 4th consecutive game in the league without a goal.

11 goals at Portsmouth, how Avram Grant probably wishes he'd stayed their. Collecting the bibs and cones. You'd imagine Tony Adams will be having nightmares about that defence. A game for the neutrals but I'd wager there weren't many at Fratton park yesterday and as Coppell headed for home I just can't picture him saying 'it's allright lads, the neutrals would have enjoyed that.'

Arsenal got another 3 points in a performance that showed a couple of things. The most important thing in football is the result. And Fabregas also plays very well instead of just outstanding. Ashton had several chances for the Hammers but rarely troubled Almunia who spent long periods of the game playing Sudoku. Odd how the Big 3 all won 1-0 away from home. It's what makes champions you know!

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