Sunday, September 23, 2007


Football magazines and nonbars

Here in Indonesia keeping up with the game worldwide is as easy as falling off a bike even if the coverage of the English football is limited to just one provider at the moment though I understand negotiations are underway to allow free TV one live game a week.

There is also a daily newspaper called Top Skor devoted primarily to football though other sports are covered. They cover the major European leagues in some depth.

A couple of tabloids are also popular. Bola comes out twice a week and probably has the best coverage of the Indonesian game while Soccer is less popular. Both appeal to the younger end of the market.

Bolavaganza is a glossy monthly from the same people as Bola and oddly enough they interviewed me briefly a couple of editions back. Well, we sat in the pub!

Four Four Two have an Indonesian edition that I find once in a while. It features articles from the English one as well as some local stuff.

No doubt local newspapers also give some coverage to the game here but I don't buy them.

Because many people don't have access to cable TV, and because Indonesians are very social people, they have what is known as nonbar here (Nonton bareng). Fans gather together in bars and cafes to watch the game usually with dancers or music in the background. Tonight for example sees nonbars at CJ's and the ever awful Front Row for the Manchester United Chelsea game

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