Sunday, September 16, 2007


Casual Lite

This is supposed to be a blog about Indonesian football but you may have noticed how I get the (very) odd rant in about the game in England.

Well, now I have my very own spot to rant to my heart's content about Arsenal, Chelsea, the price of season tickets and the rest over at ESPN Star.

In my first column I try to be neutral and look at Tottenham. Does it work? Check it out here and let me know!

Go easy on me John!

:) congratulations Anthony! Great article! Will there be any Liga Indonesia on the way?!?

The way I see it Daniel Levy and his sycophantic crew probably saw yesterday as some sort of vindication, which is mental. With that board any manager would be up against it.

Just hope that that Russian guy doesn't make inroads into Arsenal, that's all I can say...

BTW, why do the forums on ESPN Star only have boards for the big 3+1 for the EPL??? tut tut...
because sadly the average asian fan of english football hasn t got eyes for anything beyond them
tell espnstar, their fonts are too small!!! and you're not neutral!!! :-P
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