Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A step in the right direction?

Bogor City Council are seeking assistance for the private sector to take care of Pajajaran Stadium as they find operating costs far exceed budgets.

I understand Pelita Jaya, now based in Purwakarta, have looked at Pajajaran as they seek a more permanent base but have been put off by the costs needed to effect repairs. In the meantime PSB Bogor carrying on using the stadium for their First Division games while any incoming US Presidents have also been known to drop in though I understand Dubya was not in town for the football. He was attending some gobfest in Bogor and his helicopter landed at the stadium.

Whether someone comes in to help run the stadium remains to be seen but it would surely be a step in the right direction. Private investors with long pockets and short arms would be loathe to pick up the tab everytime some wannabe hooligan decides on a rock throwing party and perhaps they would try and make the football going experience an attractive option for an afternoon's entertainment

It's always ahrd trying to get private investors, unless something is in it for them, in England, if a club sold their own ground, then the rumors start about the clubing folding or moving away, simply because the investor has a huge amount of land to build more houses or supermarket, etc, is a touchy subject, but they need an investor who wants to be part of the club and take them places.
Here the stadiums are owned by local governments who lack the imagination and finances to develop them. The Indonesian Vice President said recently politicians need to get out of sports and he's write but will it happen?

Yep, teams here need investors who have a vision for the club and the funds to make it happen and this includes spedning off the pitch as well as on it. Far too much money goes on 3rd rate foreigners but that's for another day!
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