Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Persija v Persila

I understand this weekend's game Liga Indonesia game will be held at Cilangkap, Depok on Sunday without fans.

This is as a punishment for the serious crowd misorder at the recent game with Persib.

Shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted springs to mind.

Even I, new to the game here, knew the Persib game was a potential flashpoint. Having the visiting team escorted from the stadium in armoured personnel carriers isn't a good thing is it, so whey weren't preventative measures taken for that game? Why penalise a harmless fixture?

Further crowd trouble at the weekend saw little old Persitara North Jakarta take it to Persikabo Bogor. The same old situation. A large, unexpected, travelling support and no coordination between the clubs, authorities and police.

The Asian Cup showed football can be organised here. Why isn't that experienced being passed on to the Liga Indonesia?

Apathy rules eh?

Someone needs to get serious about security at fixtures here. It can't just be left to the fans.

UPDATE - The Jakmania website say the game is to be played in Yogyakarta!

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