Thursday, August 16, 2007


Persija Jakarta v Persib Bandung 1-0

The game kicked off 30 minutes late to clear the pitch and allow the Persija fans to exhasut their supply of plastic bottles but within 6 minutes the Persib keeper was flat on the ground, felled by an overlooked projectile. Play was held up for a few minutes but luckily no one played silly buggers because it won't take much to push the hotheads over the edge.

15 minutes in and a free kick from the right by Ismed Sofyan was smartly turned in at the near post by Agus Indra

1-0 Persija at half time. It's going to be a very brave referee who's going to give Persib much in this game. Patricio stamped Ismed in the stomach as they jostled down by the corner flag and while the Persija captain's reaction was over the top it was a daft move by the Persib player, right in front of Persija fans who were sat pitch side.

Second half and Hamka Hamzah went closest with a header from a corner hitting the crossbar.

To be fair to the players they seemed aware of their responsibility to keep it pretty clean and while there were loads of yellows by local standards it was fair play!

I love your reports on whats happening over in Indonesia, sames more is at stake than just football, the main aim, getting out of the ground, even the city unhurt.
most games aren't that bad!!!

3 persib bandung fans are wishing they never made the journey last thursday which is a shame. football needs fans and the indonesian authorities need to get a grip on security here
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