Monday, August 20, 2007


One Robbie Savage

You gotta love Robbie Savage. Not since Vinnie Jones has so little talent graced the higher echelons of the game for so long and both coincidently played for Wales.

He knows his limitations and managers know his limitations yet the fans of the clubs he plays for love him as much as everyone else hates him. He gives 100% everytime and fans appreciate that. Thierry Henry divided the Arsenal support last season because there were times when it looked like he wasn’t giving his all but that is an accusation you could never level at Savage.

He is a dirty player but that’s his job. Once upon a time every team in England had a Savage. A player whose sole job was to rough up the opposition. To intimidate them and to get niggly. It ain’t pretty but it’s effective. Just like his boss Mark Hughes used to do when he played at Man U when they had Moses, Robson and Whiteside

The surprise is he doesn’t get as many red cards as he should. Maybe it’s because he is such a woos. Touch him and he rolls around like a peroxide hippo enjoying bath time in the mud but when he clatters someone he’s the first to get upset when a player stays down. Fair enough, he’s just putting pressure on the match officials but it’s guaranteed to get the opposition players and fans riled up and that after all is his job. The fancy stuff he can leave to Bentley and McCarthy.

Maybe no other player riles fans like Savage. There is Lampard at Chelsea but given the choice between the overrated Chelsea midfield player and the pantomime villain most would happily boo the Welshman. Which of course is what he seeks. The more people he upsets the less they are doing their job, the more successful he is.

It’s a shame there aren’t more like him.


you're right he's a real character, something that the premiership is losing season in season out!
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