Wednesday, August 15, 2007


More predictions

Days away from a new English season I’ve donned my Mystic Meg outfit and gazed into the crystal ball and can confidently state the following:

The Premiership will be won by one of the big 4.

The domestic cups will be won by one of the big 4 or either Everton and Spurs
11 players will fail to score in a game and their manager will blame the referee for a single mistake which ‘costs’ them the 3 points
A manager will complain about fixture congestion and his players are tired
A manager will complain his players aren’t playing regularly enough and are rusty
Paul Scholes will be booked or sent off for a late tackle
Richard Keys will say absolutely on any given show
Rafa Benitiz will blame the Liverpool board for not giving him enough money to spend as his team struggle to find consistency
Arsenal will field a youth team in the League Cup
Steve McLaren will be booed at Wembley when England fail to beat some international minnow 14-0. he will respond with there are no easy games at this level and look for positives
Fans and media will have their annual whinge about Wembley ticket prices but nothing will change
Arsenal fail to score in a game and the media tell us they miss Henry
Arsenal score in a game and the media fail to tell us they miss Henry
An English player will be sold for a ludicrous sum. Sorry, that’s already happened! Darren Bent and 16 million??!!
Tottenham win a couple of games and their fans get very excited and see glory
Big Sam will continue to be the pundits favourite manager
Most fans will continue to think Big Sam is nothing but a giant walrus and pray he doesn’t come to their club
Arsene Wenger will reach for the tissues after Arsenal lose 1-0 up north to a team of bruisers. But they play football the wrong way says the urbane Frenchman through sobs
Manchester City will win nothing but provide great entertainment under the leadership of Thaksin Sinatra and Sven
Another one time hooligan comes out with another never run, never done book
A promoted team will start brightly and be compared with Wigan and Reading
Lampard will continue to under whelm at international level
Roy Keane will be asked if he wants the Manchester United job
Most fans will struggle to name half of Derby’s first team

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