Thursday, August 23, 2007


Midweek stuff

Group 1

Sriwijaya v PSDS 4-1 15,000
Persitara v Persiraja 1-0 3,000
Persik v Persikabo 1-0 10,000
Persema v Persikota 1-0 10,000
Persita v PSSB 2-0 10,000
PJ Purwakarta v PSMS 2-0 8,000
Persib v Persela 0-0 20,000
PSS Sleman v PSIS 2-1 10,000

Poor old Semarang Dave. You should have seen the expletive filled text message I got from the airport when I tried updating him about how his beloved PSIS were doing. Things didn't improve when his flight was delayed 4 hours! More teenage kids throwing water bottles make he headlines, this time at Persib. You might think they would stop selling water bottles in the stadium but hey, better have the vendors sell them then use them as weapons eh? Sriwijaya knocking in goals for fun but then it was PSDS who are crap on the road, awesome at home. Sunday they play home!

1. Sriwijaya 42 points
2. Medan 40 points
3. Persija 39 points
4. Persib 38 points
5. Persik 38 points
6. Persita 38 points

Group 2

Persigi Bali v Persma Manado 1-1 2,000
Persebaya v Persibom 1-0 4,500
Arema v Persmin 1-0 15,000
Persekabpas v Persiter 0-1 4,000
Persijap v Perseman 2-0 10,000
Persis v PSM 3-2 15,000
Persipura v Persiba 2-2 15,000
Persiwa v PKT Bontang 2-0 8,000

That man Seator can't stop scoring, another couple as he led his new club Persis Solo to a victory over PSM. Arema continue to chip away, a nice goal from Ortizan enough to put them up to 7th, 3 points off the top 4. Perseman lost away but that's not really news is it? New signing Arturi Villa was booked as Persekabpas fell at home. Again.

1. Persijap 39 points
2. PSM 37 points
3. Persiwa 36 points
4. Persipura 35 points
5. Persiba 35 points

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