Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Machester City, a Thai and a Swede

Manchester City fans haven’t had a whole lot to gloat about in recent years. In recent decades. It’s been 30 years since they last won a trophy, 40 years since they won the Championship. In that time the manager’s position has become idiomatic of high turnover. Oh that Johnny, he’s had more wives than City have had managers. Now though as they sit pretty on top of the Premier League oh boy are they gonna milk it. God knows when it may happen again.

Thaksin has come in and flashed the cash, bringing Sven out of his FA sponsored hiatus, and now Blue Moon is being sung with a gusto unequalled in living memory. Sven, given the new owners’ gold AMEX went shopping on You Tube and has changed the face of the perennial strugglers while keeping an English flavour with Richards and Johnson.

For the time being Thaksin and Sven are milking the applause but for how long? Thaksin may be a smiley cuddly Thai in Manchester at the moment and he may be doing wonders for the local Thai restaurants but he does have a shady past and his future is uncertain. Thousands died in his war on drugs where police shot at anyone suspected in dealing on the street while the big shots sat back and waited till the leader declared drugs were no longer a problem in the country.

Thaksin doesn’t take kindly to competition or dissent . If City do become successful, how odd does that sound, then Svenmania may well take some of the spotlight away from the former cop. How would he react to that? Would he be content to bask in the reflected glory or would he elbow his way into the spotlight. If City get relegated how will he react to chants of ‘we want Thaksin out’? This is the man who as Prime Minister in Thailand insisted his was a CEO type role and while he took the plaudits, the brickbats he passed on to his acolytes. That won’t work in England. Not if City are losing.

So for many City fans, enjoy it while it lasts. The Thais were swept along by the good doctor’s promises before then took to the streets to get rid of him. Will history repeat itself?


so i take it u'r not a fan of thaksin, then? :);)
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