Friday, August 10, 2007


Coming fixtures

Persiraja Banda Aceh v Persita Tangerang
PSDS Deli Serdang v Pelita Jaya Purwakarta
Semen Padang v Persib Bandung
Persija Jakarta v PSS Sleman

Persibom v Persijap Jepara
Persma Manado v Persis Solo
Persimin Minhasa v Persiter Ternate
Sidoarjo v Persipura Jayapura
PSIM Yogya v Persiwa Wamena

Decisions decisons. I'll be at Lebuk Bulus to see Persija host PSS then after I'd love to see Sidoarjo host Persipura live but it clashes with the Arsenal game and, well, sorry but it has to be the Arse! Hope you understand?!

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