Thursday, August 23, 2007


Best league in the world

A bumper crowd at Wembley last night helped repay some of the debt owed by the national stadium but came away gutted John as they watched England lose 2-1 at home. Despite Lampard scoring a goal. Normal service was resumed when an England goalkeeping clanger let the Germans back in and they managed to win without the help fo penalties. Alan Ball was captain last time we beat the Germans at Wembley and it seemed unlikely we would repeat it last night. No doubt bringing on Crouch and Dyer in the second half had England fans sooooo excited at the thought of the Beanpole and his sidekick Muttley inspiring an exciting comeback but oddly enough it never happened.

Meanwhile Ireland beat Denmark 4-0 in Copenhagen. Wales got a 1-0 in Bulgaria. Northern Ireland beat Liechensitein 3-1 and even Scotland won 1-0 against South Africa.

But hey, it's only friendlies, we have Wembley and we still have the best league in the world...and people out there still believe this nonsense.

I can't be arsed to go on about our national team but whenever I look at the teamsheets I feel monstorously underwhelmed. Apart from Gerrard and Rooney no one has the ability to influence a game in the manner of a Bowles or Currie or Hudson. Oh yeah, look what happened to them...

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