Saturday, July 21, 2007


Quarter Final Weekend

Japan v Australia - Hanoi

Many people's dream final, Japan have looked the team of the tournament so far while Australia struggled to get started. Their 4-0 win over Thailand flattered them but can they beat the Japanese?

Iraq v Vietnam - Bangkok

Every tournamnet needs a feel good story and this Asian Cup has these two. Vietnam have surprised most people by getting past the group stage and being the only ASEAN team to do so. It may be less a surprise that Iraq has got this far but by working as a team maybe they are showing their political leaders a thing or two about working together...

Iran v South Korea - KL

Two more teams that were strongly tipped for the semis, Korea squeezed into the last 8 only after downing a hard working Indonesia. Should be a great game of football.

Saudi Arabia v Uzbekistan - Jakarta

Possibly the least attractive fixture for neutrals, hence the ticket prices being reduced. I just hope we get a result in the 90 minutes 'cos it's a late kick off and I have to be up early the next day. Tough one to call so I'll fall back on good old fashioned prejudice! The Saudis don't sell beer plus I've been to Tashkent. Well, the airport anyway in Soviet times...

My tips are in red but don't waste your money!

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