Sunday, July 15, 2007


Indo mania

Following on from Indonesia's successful start to their Asian Cup campaign repica shirts have been flying off the shelves in Jakarta as fans flock to show their support even at a cost of 599,000 rupiah (about 65 USD). Nike didn't produce that many originally but now production has increased as Jakarta outlets bring shirts in from Bandung and Surabaya. One outlet reported sales were higher than for the Brazil shirt during the last World Cup.

The knock on effect of a successful national team was evident yesterday as I wandered round a mall. Many people were wearing official shirts and, this being Indonesia, many more were wearing unofficial ones. Even after the game when I went to the pub there were 15-20 bules necking cold beer, wearing Indonesia shirts.

Football unites people in a way no other activity can, hence of course politicians getting involved with club sides here, and it is obvious just what a sustained success would do for the Indonesia psyche. The feel good factor would flow to travel outlets, retail etc as people try to be identified with that success. Indonesia may or may not qualify for the knock out stage but a good performance against South Korea would have people seeing the game here in a different light.

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