Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Bi the way

Just had a few beers but would like to point out for the most part Indonesian fans were most sporting tonight, humourous even at times. There were no black outs and no riots.

Mind you the Koreans bottled it. They had thousands the other night. Tonight was more like dozens!

Indonesia can hold their heads high. Before the tournament they were considered easy beats but Bahrain and Saudi might have other ideas now. Indonesia were never gonna win tonight, as ever the lack of creativity let down their hard work and effort, but at the same time they made Korea work hard ofr their victory.

The challenge is for Indonesia to go onto the SEA Games and make a serious impression: to build on what they have achieved here. OK they never qualified and never looked like beating the stronger teams but there is promise and that promise needs to be developed against stronger nations. But given the comedians who run the game here I can't see any quality opposition being lined up before December. Sorry, Malaysia and Myanamar in the Merdeka don't count. Indonesia need to aim higher.

Perhaps the biggest winner has been the perception of football in the eyes of the Indonesian public. Football here is like punk rock. Polite society talks about it in awed tones. They fear it but they don't understand it and the underlying feeling is it is shite. There have been some great individual performances and some great support. I wonder if any of it gets transfered to the Liga Indonesia?

Ayo ayo ayo Indonesia!

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