Monday, July 23, 2007


Asian Cup Semi Finals

Having called three of the four semi finalists and five out of eight quarter finalists correctly the pressure is really on to get a better than 50% success rate on Wednesday. My one balls up came when I went for beer over luck so I guess I need to be more focussed.

Iraq v South Korea, Bukit Jalil
Japan v Saudi Arabia, My Dinh

Two of the teams come from Indonesia's Group D which makes their performance all the more commendable. There's also a neat divide between West and North East Asia.

For babe factor a Japan v South Korea final has obvious merits; it would also be the more neutral friendly affair featuring players many people are aware of and a lively, colourful atmosphere.

Iraq going through would be a heart warming story given the problems they've had that have been well documented elsewhere.

Saudi may not be universally liked but they are a fast athletic team with no small amount of skill and a useful keeper. A Saudi v Korea final would do wonders for Indonesian football when one considers how both teams had to fight to get past the hosts.

Now for a more in-depth analysis. My wife works for a Korean company and she really wants to rub her employers nose in it so out of blind loyalty I'm going to have to forsake the perve factor of Korean girls and go for Iraq. They too have a couple of players who have shone, notably Younis and the other one.

I just hope the Japan semi is played like the Saudi 1/4 final and not their own against Australia. Saudi have performed well this tournament but I think they rode their luck last night against the Uzbeks who hit the bar more than I do most weekends.

So my final tip - Japan v Iraq...

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