Thursday, June 07, 2007


Asian Cup tickets on sale from today

Having been available for the last few weeks on line tickets now go on sale through the more mundane medium of a ticket office.

The AFC gush that making tickets available on line was a milestone development in
promoting the game to fans in Asia and worldwide
. The fact that no one I knew had a scooby where to buy tickets is overlooked I guess. The AFC now expect a robust sale of tickets through the kiosks.

Reading through the fog of marketing gobble dee gook, one can't help but draw the conclusion that ticket sales worldwide on line may have been less than healthy and there's bloody loads available if you can get to the correct outlet. One does hope that the Indonesian FA get their act together and promote this tournament and not rely on their own as yet unupdated website or a couple of spanduk round Senayen to sell the event. There will be no worse advertisment for the game in Asia than rows and rows of nicely painted seats lacking bums.

Attempting to minimise touting the AFC have allowed just one official vendor per country and Malaysia and Thailand have both got a professional ticket agency. Indonesia has a little hut at Bung Karno!

I will be there Saturday attempting to buy my tickets and we'll see what happens!

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