Thursday, April 26, 2007


This week

Group 1

Bandung v Jakarta 3-0 23,000
Sleman v Padang 1-0 20,000
Tangerang v Deli Serdang 0-0
Pelita Jaya v Banda Aceh 3-1 8,000

As I type this Sriwijaya entertain Semarang so I'll do an updated table when that's done. Sleman have been on a roll recently and after beating big boys PSIS SEmarang and Jakarta relatively comfortably they struggled to beat struggling Padang. Caston scored on 84'.

Group 2

Jepara v Manado 1-1 10,000
Solo v Persibom 3-0 15,000
Jayapura v Yogyakarta 1-1 20,000
Wamena v Sidoarjo 1-0 6,000

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